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The Nelson’s Project

Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Center

Perfection is not a goal but a standard at Christopher Morgan/Fortress Nutrition. Immense care and precaution are taken to ensure excellence of work in highly sensitive areas such as alcohol process piping and nutritional substance laboratories. Paul David Contracting is proud to call Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Center our customer and our team has successfully contracted and executed dozens of high value industrial type projects for this innovative superstructure.

Panel Board Additions

State of the art industry centers have an ever-growing need for new electrical applications and upgraded power requirements. For any power additions from a 30 amp dryer disconnect to a 400 amp 480v panel board installation, Paul David Contracting is the only electrical contractor that Christopher Morgan trusts to deliver thorough planning and communication, timely project completion and a supreme final product.

Class 1, Division 1

The pinnacle of high stakes electrical applications is undoubtedly explosion proof wiring systems. When it comes to explosion proof boxes, fittings, pour-offs, PVC coated rigid conduit and the like, Paul David Contracting has the skill, knowledge and experience to offer a proper wiring systems for Class 1, Division 1 zones.

20131 Grove Street

Robert Haack Diamonds and Jewelry - Brookfield

Steve Miller, store manager at Robert Haack Diamonds and Jewelry, is a great friend of ours and one of our favorite customers to work for. Steve knows that our electricians understand that elegance and luxury is of the utmost importance for one of Wisconsin's most prestigious jewellers. The only electricians you will find servicing Robert Haack Diamond and Jewelry stores are Paul David Contracting's own and we are more than proud to be the exclusive electricians of this account.

Jewelry Cabinet Lighting

Ambient lighting is not enough to make an extravagant diamond or necklace shine. We take extra care to give the proper low voltage lighting system inside of jewelry cabinets and cases, as well as offering a low-profile and top notch installation.

Greenfield Remodel

In March of 2021, the Robert Haack Diamonds and Jewelry's flagship store was a small outlet in a strip mall in Glendale. After our first service call to replace a ballast for Steve Miller. he asked if we would be willing to take on remodeling of their new flagship store in Brookfield, which was purchased as a 40 year old insurance office space on Greenfield Ave. Less than nine months later, Steve had a brand new 5000 square foot jewelry paradise with all new exterior and interior lighting, office spaces, code compliant entrances and egresses as well as additional power requirements.

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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